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Over the course of the last two decades, dental implants have grown in popularity and effectiveness for fully replacing a missing or extracted tooth. Here at Aspire Surgical’s clinic in the Salt Lake City, Utah region, our oral surgeons have performed many successful dental restorations to help replace lost teeth.

The process starts with a simple oral surgery where Dr. Joseph Fullmer and his staff specialists make an incision in your gums to gain access to the underlying bone structure of the void. Then he will drill a small channel and install a titanium dental implant. Your gums will then be sutured as the process of osseointegration starts to gradually fuse the titanium material with the living bone cells. The amount of time this takes can vary by individuals, age, and quality of aftercare.

When the dental implant is ready, Dr. Joseph Fullmer will install an anchoring abutment to start the process of finally restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a dental crown. The specific material used in the crown will be based on the tooth’s location in your mouth. If it will appear in your smile, Dr. Joseph Fullmer will likely recommend using dental-grade porcelain for the crown.

If you live in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area and you have recently lost a tooth, you should call 801-487-3264 to set up a consultation appointment at Aspire Surgical’s clinic to see if dental implants are right for you.