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Sometimes, your jaw may not fully grow out to allow all your teeth to fit nicely in your mouth. This tends to be a problem when the last of your teeth begin to grow in, the wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth, also known as your third molars, are often associated with many issues that can arise. This can include the following ailments:

– Wisdom teeth can erupt in areas where they’re out of position. This is often known as a transposition malocclusion. In addition, your wisdom teeth may fail to fully grow in as well.
– In some instances, your wisdom teeth will suffer from what is known as impacting, which is a disorder in which they fail to fully break through your gum tissues or your jawbone in your mouth as needed.
– Other common issues can include tooth decay, extreme inflammation, infections, damage to neighboring teeth, rotation malocclusions, and the formation of cysts.

If for any reasons your teeth fail to grow in correctly, visit our office for a wisdom tooth extraction. This can help avoid serious complications that may arise both now and in the future. Dr. Joseph Fullmer and our team want to help you with any wisdom teeth issues that you may have. You’re welcome to schedule an appointment with Aspire Surgical by calling our office in Salt Lake City, Utah at 801-487-3264. We hope to hear from you soon!