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Dr. Joseph Fullmer offers several different oral surgery services. This includes dental implant restorations, tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal and various forms of gum surgery.

We will provide you with any required prescriptions for pain medication or antibiotics. They will need to be taken as directed at the stated times and dosages to help address any potential infection concerns while also allowing you to be comfortable during the recovery process.  

Dr. Joseph Fullmer and his staff will help you understand any specific aftercare instruction. This will help minimize your chances of suffering undue complications during the recovery process.

Sometimes the incision site in your gums might bleed a little for a few days after the oral surgery. If this happens you can lightly bite down on a piece of sterile gauze. Once the bleeding is under control, you can then lightly rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water to clear away any stray blood.

It might also be advisable to avoid chewing food on that side of your mouth for a few days after the oral surgery. It might also help to stick to a diet of softer foods throughout the recovery process.

You also shouldn’t drink through a straw while your gums are still healing. The suction could pull a blood clot loose or irritate the gums around the incision site.

If you have an oral surgery scheduled at Dr. Joseph Fullmer’s clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, and you have recovery or aftercare questions, you can always call 801-487-3264 to consult with a member of Aspire Surgical’s staff.