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If you are the victim of an oral accident that has left you with a gap in your smile that continues to suck the life out of your cheery disposition, it can be reversed. What has been lost once can be returned, along with all the joys and wonders of an extraordinary smile. Don’t let a missing tooth lead you down the path of dental downheartedness. Cross the road of tooth loss with dental bridge treatments.

Dental bridges are durable and permanent tooth restoration treatments that can bridge the gap into a healthier smile without the fear of them falling out. Dental bridges are linked directly to other healthy teeth or implants within your mouth for a sturdy hold that can withstand the rigors of everyday chewing and speaking. What’s more, dental bridges can be entirely customized to look and function just like your other natural teeth.

With the proper care and maintenance, a standard dental bridge can function for over a decade, and in some cases, much longer. Some patients have had dental bridges last for their entire lives without needing any future replacements. Nevertheless, if your bridges should become damaged or misaligned, they can simply be repaired or replaced to continue on with the wonderful benefits they have to offer.

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