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Do you know what the purposes of a temporomandibular joint are? Are you aware that they are extremely valuable for a variety of functions in your mouth and face? However, due to the complex nature of the joints, also called TMJs, they can be easily damaged, and cause TMJ disorders.Your oral health services guide for TMJ disorders features the following attributes:

– Various foods and habits can lead to additional wear and tear on your jaw and lead to damage with your TMJs, including things like nail-biting, chewing gum, or rough or chewy foods such as steak.

– Meditation practices including yoga, calming music, and biofeedback are outstanding stress relievers that can alleviate jaw pressure.

– Joint pain associated with TMJ disorders can be lessened with heat or ice pack treatments.

– Your TMJ disorder could be the result of another underlying disorder such as bruxism. If you are unconsciously grinding and clenching your teeth at night, further stress and pressure will be positioned on your jaw.

Keeping your teeth clean ensures TMJ disorders will not be able to harm you. To schedule your professional cleaning at Aspire Surgical with Dr. Joseph Fullmer and our team at our dentist office in Salt Lake City, Utah, simply give us a call at 801-487-3264. We will do our best to help you in any way we can!