Basic Tips for Oral Surgery Recovery

Dr. Joseph Fullmer offers several different oral surgery services. This includes dental implant restorations, tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal and various forms of gum surgery. We will provide you with any required prescriptions for pain medication or antibiotics. They will need to be taken as directed at the stated times... Read more »

TMD Treatment Options

Many of us may not consider just how much we use our jaw every day, but for someone with TMD, every little jaw movement is apparent, and often uncomfortable. Even simple, seemingly subconscious acts such as yawning or chewing food can cause great discomfort for someone with a temporomandibular joint... Read more »

We Can Help Treat Sleep Apnea

Are you interested in treating sleep apnea? If you are suffering from sleep apnea, it means that you have irregular breathing patterns while you sleep. Although snoring is often associated with sleep apnea, just because you snore it does not mean you are guaranteed to suffer from the condition as... Read more »

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Causing You Problems?

Sometimes, your jaw may not fully grow out to allow all your teeth to fit nicely in your mouth. This tends to be a problem when the last of your teeth begin to grow in, the wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth, also known as your third molars, are often associated... Read more »

Bone Grafting Enhancements for Dental Implants

Are you suffering from any lost or missing teeth that have gone untreated in your mouth? In addition, are you scheduled for a tooth extraction in the near future or are you under the effects of gum disease? If for any reason you have any missing teeth or due to... Read more »

The Rise and Fall of Your TMJs

Do you ever wonder how your jaw moves in all the angles it does? The numerous angles and abilities that comprise your jaw’s many impressive features are thanks to the temporomandibular joints. The temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs, are ball-and-socket joints in your jaw that consist of numerous parts,... Read more »

Your Guide to Oral Pathology

Are you suffering from any oral ailments or irregularities that you wish to have checked? If so, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon can provide you oral pathology services designed to effectively check the condition of your head, neck, face, lips, mouth, and smile. Oral pathology treatments are designed to ensure... Read more »

Holiday Smile Restorations: Snap-on Dentures

Are you in need of a highly effective tooth replacement treatment to replace any lost or missing teeth in your mouth? If you desire a complete smile this holiday season, it is important to make sure you are receiving the treatment that you need. One highly effective treatment to consider... Read more »

A Single-Tooth Dental Implant Often Completes a Smile Restoration

Over the course of the last two decades, dental implants have grown in popularity and effectiveness for fully replacing a missing or extracted tooth. Here at Aspire Surgical’s clinic in the Salt Lake City, Utah region, our oral surgeons have performed many successful dental restorations to help replace lost teeth.... Read more »

Using Tobacco After Oral Surgery Can Complicate Healing

The many different forms of oral surgery available at Aspire Surgical often involve altering or excising some amount of soft tissue. This frequently involves the periodontal tissues, such as in a wisdom tooth extraction, but could also include other oral tissues. Dr. Joseph Fullmer and his staff will provide you... Read more »