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Optimal oral health consists of many key facets in order to ensure that you have a healthy smile. Not only is the health of your teeth important, as well as your gums, so too is the condition of the bone in your jaw. If your jaw bone is weak or fragile, it will not be able to support teeth or if necessary, dental implants. If this is the case, bone grafting treatments will be required.

Bone grafting is necessary to strengthen a jaw that has become weak or worn down over time. Bone from other sections of the body will be applied to the jaw, or alternatively, the bone will be pulled from a tissue bank or artificially created. Over time, the relationship between the bone and the bone graft will strengthen, allowing your jaw to become strong enough to hold any future dental treatments, including dental implants.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), it is recommended that a bone graft is used for a jaw when the jaw is extremely weak and shows no signs of being capable of sustaining a dental implant in your mouth successfully for the rest of your life. Furthermore, bone grafting has also been proven effective and periodontal dentistry procedures.

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