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Many of us may not consider just how much we use our jaw every day, but for someone with TMD, every little jaw movement is apparent, and often uncomfortable. Even simple, seemingly subconscious acts such as yawning or chewing food can cause great discomfort for someone with a temporomandibular joint disorder.

If you experience frequent and severe jaw pain, ear aches, facial pain, locked jaw or other symptoms of TMD, you know just how much it can affect your day-to-day life. But don’t give up! There are many ways that you can treat TMD and restore your comfort.

Throughout the day, you can do many things to help ease your jaw pain. For instance, you can eat softer foods, perform frequent jaw exercises, avoid opening your mouth too wide, and use a warm or cold compress on sore areas.

If your jaw pain continues after practicing these at-home remedies, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Aspire Surgical can provide professional TMD treatment. When you visit our practice, we will begin with the simplest, most conservative treatments. These often involve wearing a customized mouth guard either during the day or just at night, depending on your unique condition.

Dr. Joseph Fullmer can also provide a variety of physical therapy treatments to help your jaw relax, stretch and become stronger. However, if these more conservative treatments do not give you the relief you need or want, you may want to consider surgery. Dr. Joseph Fullmer can review your options with you and help you decide which treatment is best.

If you experience TMD symptoms, we invite you to contact our practice at 801-487-3264 and learn how our TMD treatments in Salt Lake City, Utah, can help you find the relief you need.