Our skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon offers implant dentistry and orthognathic surgery procedures to help you regain a healthy, functional smile after your smile and oral function have been damaged. Dr. Joseph Fullmer provides a variety of treatment options to meet your needs, and will work with you to determine the most beneficial treatments for your oral health. Our implant and jaw treatments include:

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Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, may be required before you can receive dental implants and restore your smile. We may also recommend jaw surgery if your oral health, function, and appearance are negatively affected by abnormalities in your teeth, jaws, or facial bones. Abnormalities in these areas can impact your ability to speak, chew, eat, sleep, and perform other routine activities. The surgical procedures provided at our practice will help you regain proper oral function and health, and enable you to successfully receive a dental implant.

Our doctor and team use state-of-the-art technologies in combination with the latest techniques and high-quality materials to help ensure a successful treatment. Prior to your procedure, we discuss the details of your treatment with you so that you will understand your procedure and feel comfortable with the care you receive at our practice. We will also provide you with any necessary post-operative care instructions to ensure that you heal quickly and without problems.

For more information about the benefits of implant dentistry and jaw surgery, please call our office today.