Forehead and brow lifts are performed to enhance your overall facial appearance.  There are several types of forehead and brow lifts available to meet your needs.  When you visit Aspire Surgical for your consultation with our cosmetic surgeons, we will determine the lift that will provide the best results for your appearance.  To learn more about forehead and brow lifts in Salt Lake City, Utah, and make your appointment with Drs. Mark Ryser and Richard Shamo, please call us at 801-487-3264.

The elasticity of your skin is affected over time by age, sun exposure, and gravity, gradually sagging and becoming loose, and causing you to appear tired, sad, or angry.  When you receive a forehead or brow lift, these issues are corrected.  Forehead and brow lifts work by:

  • Reducing wrinkles across your forehead, between your eyes, and along the bridge of your nose.
  • Eliminating the frown lines on your face, particularly between he eyebrows.
  • Lifting brows that are sagging over the upper eyelids.

One of the most commonly provided forehead and brow lifting treatments offered at our practice is endoscopic surgery, during which our cosmetic surgeons make small incisions just past your hairline and gently move the tissues of your face back into place using a scope.  Another procedure for this treatment involves making longer incisions and physically lifting the brow into the correct position.

You may experience some side effects following your treatment.  For the first 10 days after your procedure, you will likely have swelling and bruising, which can be managed by keeping your head elevated and using cold compresses or ice packs.  Most patient are fully recovered after 2 weeks.

Our doctors will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions.  Follow these recommendations as closely as possible to increase the chances of a speedy recovery and a successful treatment.

Call or visit us today to learn more about forehead and brow lifts.