Drs. Mark Ryser and Richard Shamo provide cosmetic ear revision, also known as otoplasty, to reform and reposition your ears so that they are no longer protruding or overly large. Cosmetic ear revision improves your appearance and boosts your self-confidence by eliminating the embarrassment caused by unusually large or protruding ears. Contact Aspire Surgical at 801-487-3264 for more information about otoplasty in Salt Lake City, Utah, and make your appointment with our cosmetic surgeons.

While both children and adults are candidates for otoplasty, children in particular are well-suited to receive this treatment. Children are still growing, making their cartilage more moldable than that of adults, and allowing our doctors to more easily reshape and reposition their ears. We recommend that children with large, malformed, or protruding ears receive cosmetic ear revision, as the psychological effects caused by teasing over their appearance can begin to develop early.

Our cosmetic surgeons perform your otoplasty procedure under local anesthesia in our state-of-the-art facility. We will make an incision in the fold where the ear is attached to the head, and reshape or remove the cartilage until the new look of the ear is established. Permanent sutures will then be used to hold the cartilage of your ears in their new positions.

There may be some discomfort following surgery. We will apply a soft bandage to protect the ears, which you should wear for several days following your procedure. Do not sleep on your side for a week. Additional post-operative instructions will be provided by our doctors to help you protect your ears and ensure a successful treatment. We are dedicated to helping you feel confident in and comfortable with your appearance.

Call or visit our practice for more information about cosmetic ear revision today!